September 2, 2016

I was surprised to see how long its been since I posted anything here!  I guess I've been busy!  That idea I had in September 2015 eventually came to be and has been accepted as a finalist in the International Quilt Festival Houston  this year.  Also, my earlier work "Cherokee Dreams" will be in the competition as well.  Here is a picture of
"The Peaceable Kingdom"
peaceable kingdom
You know what that means......its time to start planning for 2017!!!  Knowing how long it takes to make these "competition quilts" if you don't have an idea or two by now, you're already behind!
So I have been fiddling around with a couple of things, one southwestern in style, and another more of an abstract art idea.  SO...its back to the design wall.
See you soon

November 2, 2015

Quilt Festival Houston is over for another year.  Had an interesting bus ride over with members of the Austin Guild.  It was a quick over and back on a Saturday which sounded fine to me.  (Less time to shop and buy fabric I don't really need)  Unfortunately all did not go as planned. On the way back the bus broke down just past Giddings, and a replacement bus had to come and get us home.  Finally made it back to house about 1:00 AM! 

Festival was great as usual, wonderful quilts.  I usually focus on the art quilts since that's my thing.  It struck me how many of the top winners use raw edge applique.  So I'm thinking, why am I turning all those edges?  Will have to think about that!

I signed up to do an interview with The Quilt Alliance's "GO TELL IT AT THE QUILT SHOW" and the link to my interview is below.  Enjoy!

 Quilt Alliance Interview at the Houston International Quilt Festival 2015

September 29, 2015

  I've been thinking about an idea for a long time and finally decided to jump in.  This idea includes painting approx 30 exotic animal appliques and a background to accommodate them.  Initially I wasn't sure if I could do this because I am trying to control the size of my work to that equal to a yard of fabric.....36" X 45" and this would make some of the creatures quite small. 

I started collecting photos of many animals and found great inspiration on pinterest as well as a wonderful visit to the Washington DC Zoo on our trip to Maine in August.

I started working on it and was pleasantly surprised.  I gauged  the sizes working from the biggest down, the Elephant being the largest image.  I'm using an approximate size basis of 1" = 1ft (with a little artistic license thrown in to make sure this works!)

Here are a couple of my finished appliques.....

gorilla    lion

      Between taking care of things for my elderly parents and training a new puppy (Bichon/Poodle   mix)  this may take me awhile.  But I'm always up for a challenge!


July 15th, 2015

As I start my new website, I wanted to try a blog page.  Just something to talk about current things I'm working on and places I have work exhibited. 

I recently finished a project that I first did a miniature version of just to try out a new idea and test colors. 
 I actually really liked the test piece and ended up stretching it on canvas.  My idea was a floating landscape with a horse in a southwestern style. Originally I wanted to test out an idea of drips falling from the bottom of the main image.  As it turned out, in the final version I decided against the drips and will try that another time.  Here is the test piece.  The final piece is the work on the Home Page.

cherokee dreams is a test piece to work out some techniques and color ideas.  Its a floating landscape with a horse in a southwestern theme with drips falling from the image
This "test piece" measures 18"w x 14"h x 1"deep
The final work measures 45"w x 45" h

Hope to post more soon.....



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